The Zulwa User Guide

What is Zulwa and what services do you offer

Zulwa is Nigeria’s most comprehensive real estate website. We help our users find homes in their desired locations within reasonable budgets. We also connect real estate agents and property sellers to millions of buyers through our user-friendly platform.

Is Zulwa an estate agency?

No, we are not an Estate agency. We are an online property portal providing details of homes listed for sale/ rent by estate agents, developers and Property owners. We do not collect commissions on any properties sold or rented via the Zulwa platform.

How does the website work?

The Zulwa website is incredibly easy to navigate as we intend to remove all the hassles and stress that come with searching for ideal properties by linking clients to agents or sellers directly.

How do I register as a Buyer?

As a buyer, you don’t need to register on Zulwa to find the right property for you. However you may create an account to enable you save properties you are interested in for future reference

1. Enter your desired location and click on BUY or RENT. We would promptly display all the available properties within your desired location.
2. Click on a Property of your choice. We would give you more details about the property, including pictures, location, and other vital information.
3. Fill the information request form on the screen and click ‘Request Info’

An automated email will be sent to the owner/agent in-charge of the property and you will be contacted by them as soon as possible. If multiple agents are available for a property you can make an informed choice using the available performance meters. Please note that you are can contact more than one agent at a time.

How do I Register as a Seller/Agent

As a seller on Zulwa please follow the steps on listing your property.

1. Click on the “Sign Up” icon on the top right corner of the Home page and select if you are registering as an Agent or Property Owner.
2. Register
You would be prompted to provide your information and a choose a desired personal password. Once registration is completed, you would receive a confirmation email containing a link which confirms your account with Zulwa. Once your account is confirmed and active you would be automatically logged in. Please note that if there are any challenges signing up, please contact our Support Desk.
3. Provide Details
Once your personal account is created, you will be redirected to the “Edit profile” section where you would be required to personalize your account and provide valid contact information. Failure to complete required fields would hinder you from listing any properties.
4. Add/Assign Property
We make it easy for you to add a listing from your account for public notice. Please endeavor to provide all the details related to the listing including clear images for precision. After the listing task is completed, you can activate your listing from the manage listing section. If you need agents to be associated with your listing, then you can select from the available agents on your location and send requests.
5. Wait for a Response
Once your listing is active then there is nothing more to do but wait for enquires from potential clients.